For You, Lovers And Sinners

by The Loud Residents

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Música compuesta por The Loud Residents.
Letras escritas por Sixto Martín.

Grabado, producido y masterizado en Hollers Analog Studios en directo y en analógico por Máximo Ruiz (Málaga, primavera de 2015).

Juan Correia: batería, percusiones, coros.
Manuel Sánchez: guitarra, bajo.
Sixto Martín: voz, guitarra, bajo, armónica.
Tom Tom Cary: gurú.

Fotografía: Marina Rodríguez.
Modelo: Paula Merino.
Diseño gráfico: Brigada Estudio.

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released June 19, 2015

The Loud Residents queremos dedicar este trabajo a nuestras familias y amigos, a Tom Cary (en especial a Pablo), a Marisa, Mike Gallagher, Maxi, Israel Olivera, Brigada Estudio, 23 Gritos, Velvet Club, Ex Ministros, La Taberna Global, Alfred Larios, Leño Y Palmera, a Pako Jiménez y Álvaro Martín por haber estado desde el primer concierto, a Ana, Laura, Ernesto, El Puterío, Caballeros del Zodiaco, Jorge, a todos aquellos y aquellas que alguna vez hayan venido a vernos o se hayan parado a escuchar una canción; para vosotros, amantes y pecadores.




The Loud Residents Málaga, Spain

Alt-rock, Málaga (SP)

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Track Name: Sex Sex Sex
Too late, too late, too late.
We could be faraway
hitting the road.

Same, same, same,
the same mistake
once again.

On and on and on,
far beyond ourselves,
beyond ourselves.

Time is running out
they don't wanna regret,
but I wanna forget.

How soon is now?
I'm stuck in the past,
I'm stuck in the past.

Calm commands the crash
of this time machine
that's gonna split.

On and on and on
far beyond universe
beneath and reverse.

Time is running out,
they don't wanna regret,
they just wanna have sex.

Oh, no! Oh, no!
Stranger, save me!
Can't help myself!
It's just sex, sex.
Track Name: Verlaine
You look a bit tired
though you try to smile.
I beg you pardon
the poets are gone.

I touch your side,
tremors in your thighs.
When I do feel your ribs
I can caress the light.

Undress me now,
let's play the clowns,
take off your mask
it's cold outside.

It's carnival,
we are undone,
show me your soul,
I'll show you mine.

Oh, I follow the stars.
Oh, inlaid in your paleness.
Oh, your eyes are two seas.
Orion is in your fingers.

The sky falls down
as the sun goes down.
We run through the streets
as the poets look upset.

We breathe between trash,
we must be sick.
Hey, can you tell me the colour of the sky?
Can you please tell me?

From blue to black,
from yellow to brown,
from purple to white,
from pink to grey.

Lovers run away
by the outer space
in nights of pleasure
and Tom Verlaine.

Oh, I follow the stars.
Oh, inlaid in your paleness.
Oh, your eyes are two seas.
Orion is in your fingers.
Track Name: Prozac
I told my psychologist about you
and all he said was I'm in love with you,
slightly sad, sadly torn apart,
a bit suicidal and undone.

I asked him for curing it fast
and all he gave me was Prozac.
Why the fuck he thinks I'm mad?
Love's not an illness but an easy drug.

I'm not mad, are you insane?
Oh-oh-oh, are you insane?

Once you're used to be fond of someone
you can't live better than you already tried.
Some may say you're foolishly lying
but they don't know what's to be by her side.

I'm not mad, are you insane?
Oh-oh-oh, are you insane?
Track Name: The Battle
We fight with water guns,
we fire holes in the sun.
We try to kill the distance
among bullets and kisses
and soon I'll be there.

You cut my hair and breath,
you bite, you scratch, you slowly get into bed.
You want to paint my lips in red
though you got no lipstick
you can go ahead.

I guess it's only a dream,
the handmade glances can't be real.
Your hands crawl through my messy head
and somehow trap my darkest ways.
And we want to kill the distance
among love songs and letters.

The game has just begun,
there's still night left for dreams to come.
I'll wait for you till the end of times
in a silent dark room with an only bulb
that will be turned up by you,
that will be turned off by me.